SUMI, FEPIMCTI and Epimed Solutions have teamed up to create the National Intensive Care Register in Uruguay.

Contribute to the knowledge of the epidemiological profile of Uruguayan ICUs.

The project

The present project, called UCIs Uruguayas, aims to characterize the epidemiologic profile of Paraguayan ICUs and share useful information to guide health policies and strategies to improve the care of critically ill patients in the country.

In addition, the project aims to encourage the use of quality indicators and performance in the management of Uruguayan ICUs and thereby improve the quality of intensive care and increase patient safety in Uruguay.

Similar initiatives in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, as part of the project “UCIs Ibero-americanas”, and in countries such as the United Kingdom (ICNARC), Australia and New Zealand (ANZICS-CORE), the Netherlands (NICE) and Belgium (MICA) are essential to improve the quality and safety of critically ill patients and are an important basis for projects that aim to improve the efficiency of the ICU and to promote clinical research.

Participating hospitals receive certificates with stamps of participation in the National Registry and indicator management.

How does it work?

Clinical and epidemiological data on high-complexity patients are collected using the Epimed Monitor system, a management software that allows you to integrate structured data from any hospital system and/or input data manually if the hospital does not have a structured information system.

Capturing such data using this tool generates indicator reports very quickly and easily, in addition to real-time benchmarking between the intensive care units participating in Uruguay and participation in the National Registry database.

Benefits for participating

Dashboards and reports

Access to management reports and national and international benchmarking in real time.

Annual Indicator Management Certification

Participating hospitals receive a certificate issued annually by SUMI, FEPIMCTI and Epimed Solutions proving participation in the National Registry of Uruguayan ICUs.

Data processing and analysis

Decision support for better resource allocation and intensive care practices.

Clinical investigations

Enables participation in cooperation networks for clinical research.

ICUs Profiles

Access the epidemiological profile of Uruguaya ICUs through a set of clinical and demographic information updated periodically.

National Registries that use the
Epimed Monitor system


Participate in UCIs Uruguayas and contribute to the National Registry of Intensive Care in Uruguay.